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Since 96, Camelot has become one of the Twin Cities premier providers of wedding photography. Through thousands of weddings and countless locations, we have emerged as one of the most highly referred agencies in Minnesota. The reason?

Our extremely accommodating and very easy to get along with photographers.

We know how important the images of your day are to you and we strive to create a unique approach to each wedding. As senior photographer and new owner, I am renewing our commitment to creativity and customer service. I'm proud of what Camelot and our creative photographers have done to transform popular wedding photography in Minnesota.

Thanks for trusting us to help you "always remember why you said yes..."

Our Elite Photographers make up some of the top names in the Twin Cities’ wedding photography industry. Each of whom have been with Camelot for seven to ten years, and have photographed more then 200 weddings. They have shot an incredibly wide variety of wedding styles and traditions and have worked at most Twin Cities wedding venues (as well as locations around the world!), and continue to bring an unrivaled level of confidence, creativity and consistency to their clients.

We especially recommend Elite photographers for those who have a limited amount of time for portraits, as they will be able to coordinate your groups more quickly and confidently. The more experience your photographer has, the more gracefully he or she will be able to handle any unexpected (and we hope unlikely) wedding day setbacks such as the late arrival of flowers, wedding party, limo, etc. Their experience enables them to make up for lost time often to the point that you will neither notice nor remember that there were any delays at all. We also recommend our Elite photographers for those who have very specific ideas about the style and content of their photography.

Our Elite photographers have outstanding portfolios, have been featured in regional publications and are extremely skilled and highly sought after and referred. Despite their higher rates, our Elite Photographers are an incredible value and are available for much less than the cost of comparable talent in the Twin Cities and around the nation.

Our Preferred Photographers have been with Camelot for four to nine years, and have shot more then 100 weddings. Their years of experience with Camelot enable them to provide the unique style and wide range of both candid images and portraits that Camelot is known for. Preferred photographers have worked at a variety of local venues and are appreciated for their creativity and talent, and will work with you to provide you with a timeless and memorable account of your wedding day. Preferred photographers are among the best in town and consistently provide our clients with outstanding wedding photography for even the most discriminating couples at rates that are still very reasonable.

Our Select Photographers are less experienced but are still very talented. They are continuing in the proud Camelot tradition of quality and photographic style while providing our clients with an outstanding value. Select photographers have been shooting weddings as lead photographers as well as assisting other Camelot photographers for at least two years. They generally have less overall experience with portraits than our more senior photographers, but are very capable of producing a nice mix of both candid and more formal shots. We recommend our Select photographers for those couples who have more time available for group shots and are on some sort of a budget.

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The Next Big Trend In Weddings

The worlds Finest photo booths elegantly designed for weddings and other grand occasions.

Photobooths and weddings are simply a perfect match. They are exploding in popularity throughout the country because the are SO MUCH FUN and the resulting pictures can be amazing, sometimes even priceless.

The concept is very simple. Guests are invited to enter an automated photobooth which takes four pictures at timed intervals. Moments later the pictures are printed so they can then be shared with other guests or cut out and placed into a scrapbook, creating a more contemporary style guest book.

The process is extremely entertaining. The key elements to the photobooth experience are the automation of the pictures -there is no photographer in the booth to inhibit the creativity- and the privacy of the enclosed photobooth. When the curtain is pulled shut, almost anything can happen. People have so much fun taking pictures in a photobooth, from standard portraits to the more creative expressions to the just plain silly. The ability to view the resulting pictures nearly immediately adds dramatically to the experience. Guests love sharing their pictures with others and showcasing their creativity. Games of one-upmanship often ensue.

Photobooths make weddings more memorable and fun for everyone. Guests of all ages almost always stay later when there is a photobooth present. Also it provides a wonderful opportunity for friends and family, whom likely have not been together for some time, to take a nice picture together. It is not uncommon to hear comments from grandparents and relatives saying they have not had a nice picture taken together in years.

The bottom line is that photobooths, especially at weddings, are so much fun! Guests really love them and the resulting pictures are a great way to further memorialize your wedding day. Plus the pictures make the perfect parting gifts.

Perfect For All Grand Occasions

Company Events

From holiday parties and customer appreciation events to trade shows, photobooths are the perfect way to ensure that the event is a huge success. Guests, customers and clients will enjoy themselves more, be engaged longer and thus stay later when there is a photobooth at your event. Plus everyone will leave with a perfect memento, conveniently branded with your company's logo or unique message on the bottom of their pictures. What could be better?

Bar/Bat Mitzvah's

Nowhere are our photobooths a bigger hit than at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs's. The kids absolutely love the photobooth and are usually in it almost non-stop with their friends. It also provides the perfect activity for families and adults. The photobooth really helps to bridge the generation gap and gets everyone involved in the fun, making for some of the most memorable Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations ever.

Private Parties

Sweet sixteen's, anniversaries, family reunions, Halloween parties, Quinceaneras, New Years Eve celebrations, all are perfect for a Party Booths digital photobooth rental. If you are planning a special occasion of any kind, consider having a photobooth. It is sure to add immensely to your celebration and the resulting pictures will serve to ensure that everyone remembers your amazing party for years to come.

School Functions

Photobooths are perfect for proms, school dances, year end celebrations, and class reunions. Young people in particular really enjoy the photobooth experience. The resulting pictures make great additions to yearbooks too. Just imagine the great pictures we would have had today if we had photobooths at school events back in our day.

Why Party Booths?

Photobooths are exploding in popularity! Companies are popping up throughout the country offering photobooth rental services for weddings, private parties and other events. Most other companies rent vending machine type booths, or their own home made contraptions. Party Booths has emerged as the largest and most distinguished provider of photobooth rental services in the nation because our specially designed photobooths provide our customers with the best quality of service and value.

Best Value

People are often surprised to learn that our rates are considerably lower than most of our competitors despite the fact that our photobooths are nicer and produce much better results. There are two reasons why our services represent such a great value.

One, we are the largest photobooth rental company in the world and we offer our services nationwide. Simple economies of scale allow us to offer our customers a better value. With Party Booths, you always get more for less.

Two, our specially designed and patent pending photobooths allow us to transport and setup our photobooths for less. This enables us to be very competitive and yet still provide our customers with a superior product.

Never any Hidden Charges

We are proud to offer our services for an up-front, easy to understand, all inclusive rental fee. There are never any hidden costs for additional sessions or paper. We never charge extra for setup or travel charges. However sometimes our customers do decide to add overtime hours at their event, but even then we always obtain proper authorization first. With Party Booths there are never any hidden charges or unpleasant surprises.

Free Private Web Galleries

Our clients and their guests especially, love that we post our events to a private, password protected, web gallery free of charge. It's such a thrill to be able to view and share not only your own pictures, but everyone else's photobooth pictures from your event. You and your guests can also order different sized reprints as well as other products from the online gallery such as DVD slide shows set to your choice of music or even a cute coffee table book.

Images Archived To Disk

We do not retain exclusive copyrights to your images. We provide high resolution files of not only the 4-up index print, but also the individual files to you on a CD or DVD so that you may enjoy, print and share your pictures forever.

Client Testimonials

After you click the link below, simply click the "view comments" button near the top of the screen.


The World's Finest Photobooths

Our proprietary digital photobooths were elegantly designed from the ground up specifically for weddings and other grand occasions. We intentionally made them larger, more attractive and more customizable. We also insisted on the highest image quality possible. Our efforts finally yielded to us the finest, highest quality digital photobooths in the world!


Party Booths photobooths were specially designed to add to the beauty and ambience of the room, not detract from it. Let's face it, most of our competitors' home made contraptions or vending machine booths are hideous eye sores. We've made every effort to make our photobooths more attractive.

Professional Image Quality

Photobooths are responsible for taking some pretty amazing pictures. It's a shame that so many of them produce images of such poor quality. From the beginning, we set out to develop photobooths to produce the highest quality images possible, even on par with portrait studios. Our photobooths employ professional studio lighting equipment, high quality digital cameras and true photo quality printers to produce the best possible results imaginable. Party Booths simply produce the highest quality photobooth pictures in the world!

Bigger is Better

Traditionally photobooths have been intended to accommodate primarily couples and individuals. In fact, our Classic style photobooth is modeled after this traditional role. However, as photobooths become more popular at events such as weddings, the ability to accommodate larger groups in addition to couples and individuals becomes important. Our Contemporary size booth was designed specifically for weddings. It is the perfect size. It is still great for couples, but it will also hold larger groups nicely. At weddings in particular it becomes very popular for groups of family members or friends, who likely have not been together for some time, to make very good use of the photobooth. The resulting pictures are often some of the evenings' best.


We offer a choice of multiple background colors to choose from. (red, brown, blue and pink) We are also able to display a custom message, image, graphic or logo on the bottom of the 4x6 index prints that your guests will receive.


Party Booths

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